About Us

Manna Tees is a Graphic Design and Apparel Company located at 303 North Jefferson Street, Galax, VA. We specialize in custom designs to fit your needs and to create a brand for you, your company or your organization.

We work with both non-profit and for-profit organizations and companies to create printed materials or apparel that you can sell, use to market or even to help with fundraising.

We are all about YOUR brand and needs. We will work until you are happy. We can create your logo, and apply it to a number of printables such as business cards, rack cards, posters, stickers, signage and much more.

In 2022, Manna Tees was blessed to inherit the exclusive rights to the Old Time Galax Fiddler’s convention t-shirts. We are so honored and excited that something so big and such a part of our community was entrusted to us.

Our first year was a huge success selling over 1700 shirts, 300 hats, stickers, and cups. It was quite an adventure and we met some of the sweetest, most fun people. The atmosphere was genuinely kind and peaceful even down to the competitors that showed one another big love, win or lose. We cannot wait for our 2023 convention to roll in.